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CBD Labeling and Lab Results – Why They Matter

With so many people taking CBD as part of their daily routine, and financial experts predicting that the industry will be worth several billion within a couple of years, it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, the majority of the general public couldn’t tell you what a cannabinoid was.  The industry has evolved on a massive scale over the last few years, which has made CBD more accessible than ever while providing us with a wide array of methods for administration.

Yet, the reality is that the industry is only a handful of years old.  Because of this, the FDA has not quite caught up with the craze of hemp that has swept across the country.  As a result, the industry is lacking in regulation as the FDA is still trying out how to properly regulate the production of hemp-based goods.

This is why CBD companies must go out of their way to prove themselves to consumers.  Because the CBD industry isn’t highly regulated at the moment, companies can get away with subpar practices in order to take advantage of the trend.  The market is flooded with hemp-infused products, but not all of them are held to the same standards of quality.  Therefore, it’s not unusual to come across CBD products that are so low in potency that they won’t provide people with results, despite the fact that the product’s label claims otherwise.

So, how do CBD brands prove themselves to consumers?  Well, there are two ways, and those are labeling and lab results.  Both of these methods allow companies to communicate with consumers in order to prove that their products are legitimate, potent and clean in terms of their ingredients.

Today, we’ll be talking more thoroughly about CBD product labels and lab results.  This way, as a consumer, you can know exactly what to look for when shopping for CBD.  After all, you don’t want to waste money on a CBD product that isn’t capable of giving you the experience that you’re seeking.

CBD Labels

CBD labels are the labels that are on the packaging of CBD products.  These labels are meant to be informative so that consumers can know exactly what they’re getting.  The FDA has some regulations regarding how CBD products may be labeled, and those include clearly stating the list of ingredients, serving size and weight of the package.  However, customers still want more information as they want to know exactly what they’re consuming, and because when it comes to CBD, there are so many different ways in which one product can differ from another.

So, companies use labels to inform customers on the type of hemp extract that’s used, how many milligram strengths of hemp they’re getting per dose, and, sometimes, the strain of hemp that was used.  This gives customers more insight so that they feel like they’re more in control of their hemp experience.

CBD labels also typically come with a scannable image that allows a customer to access lab results on a company’s website.  Now, let’s talk about those lab results, as they are extremely important.

CBD Lab Results

As of now, by law, a company can say that their product contains CBD, even if it contains a minute amount, or a hemp extract that was created using subpar methods that can potentially damage the compounds, rendering them useless.  So, how can consumers trust that the CBD in a product is legitimate, potent and chemically stable?  Well, the answer is lab results.

CBD companies that are considered reputable will send batches of their hemp extract to third-party laboratories.  These unbiased laboratories analyze the hemp extract in order to determine its purity, potency and strain, as well as overall quality.  Then, the lab results are sent back to the company.

A CBD company that’s worth your money will proudly display these lab results on their website, as they have nothing to hide from consumers.  This allows the consumers to know with certainty that the CBD that they’re about to purchase is capable of meeting their demands.  A company that doesn’t display their lab results is worthy of suspicion as it indicates that they have something to hide.

Any good CBD company will make it very easy to find their lab results.  If for whatever reason you’re unable to access them or locate them, you can contact the company and ask a representative.

Overall, Both Can Affect Your CBD Buying Decisions

The CBD industry is so new that regulations have yet to be put in place for the benefit of consumers.  The good news is that companies have taken matters into their own hands by using labels and lab results to prove themselves to potential customers.  Now that you know about how labels and lab results work, you can make better choices when shopping for CBD products.

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