Have you heard that pets can enjoy CBD too? Because they share an endocannabinoid system with us, they can process the cannabinoids in hemp just like we do. Even veterinarians are beginning to suggest CBD to their furry patients.

However, as you may have guessed, pets cannot consume just any old CBD products. For one thing, the products they can consume must have clean and natural ingredients. Furthermore, CBD pet products must contain a milligram strength suitable for their breed/body size.

Good news is that more top-rated, trustworthy hemp brands are releasing lines of products specifically formulated for our precious companions. And, at The Nature Wellness, there’s a marvelous array of pet-friendly CBD goods, fully-stocked, for which your furry friend will absolutely love. We currently carry tinctures and treats. But, our inventory is always growing as this submarket is expanding quickly.

Some of the recognizable names in our industry are Koi CBD, Green Roads and even PureKana. This can help you feel more comfortable administering CBD to your pet, as you already know that the brand produces high-quality products.

Explore our variety of pet goods today.

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