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What to Know About Taking CBD Past Its Expiration Date

A lot of us regularly stock up on CBD products from The Nature Wellness in order to have a nice variety of hemp-infused products to choose from.  The problem is that when we stock up on lots of products at once, we risk wasting money because we may not be able to use all of them up before they expire.  In fact, you’d be surprised by how many regular CBD users don’t realize that hemp-infused goods have expiration dates. 

Of course, it’s understandable that people may take an expired CBD product from time to time, whether it be by accident or on purpose.  So, what exactly happens when you take expired CBD?  And, why does CBD expire in the first place?

When Does CBD Expire?

CBD typically lasts for two years once it’s been extracted from the hemp plant.  This means that after two years, its potency level goes down due to the natural breakdown of the plant compounds.  So, how do you know when a hemp extract was created?  Well, you may not realize that almost every CBD product states the expiration date on the label. If it doesn’t, it should at least have a batch number printed on it.  You can always call a CBD company and give them the batch number so that they can tell you when the product is due to expire.

Is it Safe to Take CBD Past its Expiration Date?

It’s understandable that you would wonder whether or not it’s safe to take expired CBD.  After all, consuming an expired food product can be dangerous, causing you to become ill.  However, CBD doesn’t work like that.  The plant material is not in the hemp extract, and so there’s nothing that can decompose and become toxic.  Expired CBD is not dangerous to consume, but it is, as we said earlier, less potent.  So, the only real risk of taking expired CBD is having a disappointing experience.

Now, of course, there are exceptions to every rule.  If you’re consuming a CBD edible that contains food ingredients that do become toxic after they’ve expired, then of course, you don’t want to eat it once the expiration date has passed.

Can Other Factors Determine the Expiration Date of a CBD Product?

Like we said, the other ingredients in a CBD product can shorten the lifespan of a product, causing the expiration date to be sooner than two years.  Another factor is the extraction method that was used to create the hemp extract.  Different extraction methods affect the hemp compounds in different ways.  The CO2 extraction method is the gold standard as it doesn’t damage the plant compounds, allowing for a stable product that can last for two years.  However, less expensive extraction methods can damage the integrity of the compounds, resulting in an unstable product that can break down sooner.

Can I Prolong the Lifespan of My CBD Product?

Let’s say you just bought a bunch of CBD goodies, only to find that the expiration date is coming up.  Is there a way to ensure that the potency level doesn’t decrease once that date has been reached?  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  However, there are ways to ensure that your products don’t expire prematurely.  CBD products must be stored in a cool and dark place, as this prevents oxidization from damaging the compounds and causing them to break down.  Excessive amounts of heat and bright light can both destroy the hemp extract, causing it to lose potency before the expiration date is reached.

And, of course, the best way to avoid having expired CBD is to only buy as much as you’ll realistically use within the period of time before the expiration date. 

Use this Guide to Avoid Ending Up Wasting Money on Expired CBD

As you can see, taking expired CBD doesn’t necessarily put your health at risk, but it can most definitely mean that you won’t have the experience that you want due to its decrease in potency.  CBD does lose its potency as it expires, which means that you should only buy as much CBD as you intend to use within the given period of time.

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